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Womens Price List


  Shampoo and Set  from  £14.50

Cut and Set  from £22.00

Blow dry  short  £15.00

Blow dry medium £18.00

Blow dry long £20.00

Hair Up  from  £25.00

Curled  from  £15.00

Cut and Blow dry  short  £23.00

Cut and Blow dry medium £25.00

Cut and Blow dry long £30.00

Restyle  from  £30.00

Dry Trim  short  £15.00

Dry Trim medium £17.00

Dry Trim long £19.00

Wet Trim  short  £17.00

Wet Trim medium £19.00

Wet Trim long £21.00

Straightening  from  £10.00*

fringe Trim £5.00


 Colouring Services


 Tint  roots only  £26.00*

Full head tint from £35.00*

Semi Permanents roots  £25.00*

Semi Permanent with run down £35.00*

Full Head foils roots only £55.00*

Full Head foils run down £60.00*

Half Head foils roots only £45.00*

Half Head run down £50.00*

T-Section roots only £35.00*

T-Section run down £40.00*

Scalp between foils from £10.00*

Cap Hi Lites  from  £35.00*





Technical Services


Alkaline Perm £48.00*

Acid Perm £55.00*

Spiral Perm On Request

Mirco Ring Hair Extensions free consultation required

Brazillian Blow dry short from £45.00*​


 A consultation is advised on all technical services



 Oap Price List


Shampoo and Set  from  £13.50

Cut and Set  from  £19.50

Blow Dry  from  £14.00

Cut and Blow Dry  from  £20.00

Dry Trim  from  £11.00

Wet Trim  from  £14.00


Colouring Services


 Tint  roots only only  £20.00*

 Tint run down £30.00*

Cap Hi Lites  from  £30.00*

Full Head foils roots only  £45.00*

Full Head foils run down £55.00*

Half Head foils roots only £40.00*

Half Head foils run down £45.00*

T-Section roots only £30.00*

T-Section run down £35.00*


Technical Services 

Alkaline Perm (inc cut & finish)  from  £48.00

Acid Perm (inc cut & finish)  from  £55.00


*Price Excluding Cut and Finish*






 Mens Price List


Cut and Blow Dry  from  £13.00

Blow Dry  from  £9.00

Wet Trim  from  £12.00

Dry Trim  from  £9.50

Cap Hi Lites and Cut from £35.00

Root Tint and Cut from £30.00

Clippers  from  £7.50



Childrens Prices


Dry Trim (under 3)  from  £6.00

Dry Trim (under 10)  from  £8.50

Dry Trim (under 16) from £10.00

Cut and Blow Dry (under 16) from  £20.00

Colours (flashes)  from each  £3.00*

Cap Hi Lites  from  £25.00*